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October 2023

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Prints and Their Makers
Season 4 Episode 1

Live from Johannesburg
with Phil Sanders

Friday 20 October 2023 - This episode is a lively conversation about the working process of William Kentridge and the new works being created with Jillian Ross.

In this week's episode of Prints and Their Makers Bookclub (s4e1), host Phil Sanders talks with Jillian Ross, collaborative master printer and publisher, about her recent project with William Kentridge based on his new theatrical work The Great Yes, The Great No


Joining her in studio at the David Kurt Workshop (DKW) in Johannesburg are DKW printers, Sbongiseni Khulu and Kim-Lee Loggenberg-Tim, to give insight into this new series of prints currently being developed at DKW together with Kentridge and Ross.   

This project, in conjunction with multiple studios in Canada, the United States and South Africa, started at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada), found its way to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and then onto Johannesburg, South Africa, all the while working with printmakers with the relevant skill sets to help develop the project into being. Ross will touch on the collaborative nature of working with multiple studios that helped contribute towards the realisation of projects of this nature.

These small and large-scale prints, based on imagery of a gardenscape from The Great Yes, The Great No are being made from a combination of photogravure and photopolymer plates, combined with chine collé from gampi, dictionary papers, and kitakata papers. The plates will have drypoint and burnishing added in the coming days. 


Ross, Loggenberg-Tim, and Khulu will also touch briefly on the 2022 collaboration between DKW and JRP on the making of William Kentridge's Studio Life Gravure series, which started with a series of small photogravures and concluded with the large-scale print The Old Gods Have Retired. This series is still being editioned and is the pre-curser to the current project. 

Together, they will show us these new prints, and we will get a look at their studio and working process. This is a rare behind the scenes glimpse of prints being made in real time and will provide a preview of what is to come over the forthcoming weeks.

20 October 2023. Studio walkthrough. The David Krut Workshop and the Kentridge Studio. 

About Jillian Ross

Ross has collaborated with William Kentridge since 2006 on major, complicated, and multi-part print projects, including the Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts (2016–21), The Universal Archive (2011–15), The Noses (2006–10) at DKW, and the recently released Studio Life Gravures (2020–22) from Jillian Ross Print (co-published with DKW). 


Other recent projects include a partnerships with Latitudes Online, South African artists Cinthia Sifa Mulanga and Puleng Mongale and Canadian artist, Wally Dion. Ross recently realized an exhibition, William Kentridge: The Colander, at Griffin Art Projects in Vancouver, BC, with curator Lisa Baldissera, the Kentridge Studio, and David Krut Projects in Johannesburg.


Throughout her work, particularly in the publicly accessible open-studio format of DKW at Arts on Main in Johannesburg, Ross has promoted and enhanced artist, collector, and public knowledge of printmaking through mentorship, educational workshops, and knowledge sharing.

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